Designed exclusively for Toletta

More accurate measurements

Cat Sand is particular about "dropping" urine to measure urine volume with higher accuracy.

How Toletta works

Toletta measures urine volume to have urine pass through to the absorbent pad below. The more urine passes through, the more accurate measurement is. Toletta Sand has achieved 95% of the urine passage rate.

  • AUrine passes through the litter and the grated tray, and the pad absorbs urine in the drawer.

  • BThe sensor plate measures the urine volume absorbed by the pad.

  • The average urine passage rate of commercial products is 91%. They can also be used for Toletta.
  • If you are a Toletta user and want to change from commercially available litter to Toletta Sand, the urine volume measured by Toletta may increase or decrease depending on the type of litter and the amount of litter you are using. However, this is very common, so do not worry and use it with confidence.

Strong Odor Control Significantly reduced urine odor

Using in-house research, the anti-odor formulation firmly reduces the odor component of urine.


The Cat Sand is made with 100% recycled paper. It was developed with Daiki, which develops cat litter using safe and secure recycled materials.

How to use:
Place about half of one bag (about 2L) on the grated tray. Please adjust the amount according to your cat's preference.
Maintenance method:
Remove stools with a shovel. When the litter is running low, replenish it.
Replace the pellets completely with clean pellets at least once a month.
Estimated litter usage period:
For one cat: one bag for about two months
For two cats: one bag for about one month
Recycled pulp, Natural anti-odor repellent, etc.
※Fluorine or fluorine substitutes are not included.
Handling precautions:
※Do not flush down a toilet as it does not dissolve in water.
※Please discard the litter according to the rules of your residential area.
※This product cannot be eaten. Be careful your child or cat does not accidentally ingest it. If swallowed, consult a doctor or veterinarian.
※Wash your hands carefully after handling litter.
※Pregnant women and people with weakened immunity should avoid maintaining a cat litter box.
※Place used litter in a sealed plastic bag.
※Keep the litter and the bag away from children and pets.
※Encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces is beneficial to overall water quality. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.
※Change litter in a ventilated location to avoid inhalation