Cat lifespan- 30 years

Free and self-paced. Even though they pretend that they don’t care about humans, they give us warm love.

This time is not forever. Please, I want you to live longer even if it’s for a minute or a second.

Toletta Cats is changing cat health care. We achieve a lifestyle that makes cats and people happier using technology and data. We dream that the average cat lifespan, currently said to be 15 years old, would be 30 years old someday.


Happier cats make happier people.

Positioning the happiness of cats as "healthy and longer life", we will create a world where cats are healthier and live longer.


We will create a society where cats can live long healthy lives even when they are 30 years old.This is the world we will create.

Through the healthcare service "Toletta", each owner can easily manage the health of cats at home.


Cat First
Act Quickly
Try Everyday

We will continue to run toward our dreams with these mottos.

About us

Company Name

Toletta Cats Inc.


971-3 Fujisawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, 251-0052 JAPAN

Founder, CEO

Koji Hori