Please prepare the following.

■ Wi-Fi environment (2.4GHz band / uplink 10Mbps). To use Toletta, you need to be "always connected to Wi-Fi".
Mobile Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi are not recommended.
Wi-Fi authentication methods "WPA-PSK", "WPA / WPA2 mixed mode" and "WEP (128 / 64bit)" are not supported.
If your Wi-Fi router is in stealth mode, you need to turn it off.
■ Household power supply (AC120V)
■ Prepare to replace all cat litter boxes in your home with Toletta
Because the amount of urine and the frequency of urine will not be accumulated to Toletta if your cats pee in other litter boxes.
■ Space to place Toletta
・Wider than the size of the litter box body itself; W 43.6 x D 54.8 x H 30.3 cm (17.16 x 21.57 x 11.81 inches)
・Place Toletta to avoid direct sunlight or spotlights (because it may affect the shooting of videos and photos).
・Placing Toletta inside the cage may affect the measurement, so please place it outside the cage.
■ Cat litter scoop (not included so please purchase a commercial product)
■ Absorption pad that fits in the urine tray 42 cm long × 29 cm wide (16.53 x 11.41 inches)
■ Compatible litter with system litter box
Use non-clumping / non-crumble / non-absorbing litter.
■ Smartphone
Please check the information in the app store for the supported OS versions.
HUAWEI models may not be available.
■ Photo of your cat to register your cat with Toletta

Please take note of the following points to ensure stable data measurement.
■ Wider than the size of the litter box body itself (W 43.6 x D 54.8 x H 30.3 cm). (17.16 x 21.57 x 11.81 inches)
■ Place Toletta to avoid direct sunlight or spotlights.
■ Placing Toletta inside the cage may affect the measurement, so please place it outside the cage.

Yes, you can manage data for multiple cats and Toletta collectively.
It is possible to add cats or another Toletta while you use it. Toletta is equipped with a camera that uses a face recognition technology (patented) that identifies a cat's face with AI, without a collar or tag.

* For the first few days of use, learning tasks are required for the Toletta to identify cats. At first, it is necessary for you to distinguish the pictures taken by Toletta and tell the AI which is who, but once this work is done correctly, the identification will be possible.

No, it is not necessary. Multiple Toletta litter boxes can be managed by ONE account in Toletta mobile app. You can integrate data for any number of Toletta in your home.

All cat litter boxes in your home must be Toletta otherwise data cannot be measured accurately. You may not accurately catch or notice changes in the cat's data if there is a cat litter box other than Toletta that is being used.

Yes, you can use as many Toletta litter boxes and as many cats as you'd like under one Toletta account in one house. It should be noted that Toletta’s facial recognition needs to restudy the faces after you add each additional cat.

This is a normal reaction as cats are not good at dramatic environmental changes, so we recommend that you try the following steps in order to gradually accustom your cat to Toletta.

 Put Toletta in the same place where the old one used to be.
■ Some cats may not like the brightness of the light used by Toletta, so turn the power off and let your cat get used to its new litter box presence first
■ Put the cat in Toletta, let them have a smell and familiarize themselves with the structure of Toletta.
■ If you were using a different type of litter before, mix the litter that you were previously using with the litter that is compatible with Toletta (non-clumping / non-crumbling / non-absorbing) and gradually decrease the amount of previous litter over time so that the transition to new litter is slow and steady.

Both are supported. Supported OS: AndroidTM 5.0 or later / iOS 10 or later

No. A dedicated application for smartphones is required.

Yes, you can. You can share your account with your family and they can access the information displayed in your account.


You can only use a credit card or debit card for the payment of the monthly plan.

■ Credit cards we accept :
VISA、MASTER、American Express

■ Debit cards we accept:
Major Debit Card

You will not be able to access your cat's data in Toletta after canceling.

Services, Cat Identification

Toletta is not a medical device, so it cannot diagnose disease. Consult a veterinarian for diagnosis.

Toletta can identify as many cats as you'd like as long as you can distinguish them in a picture.

There is no limit.

If there is only one cat registered in the app, the change in appearance should not affect Toletta's ability to recognize the cat. If there are multiple cats that are registered, facial recognition may be affected. In that case, you may need to tell Toletta which cat it is by entering the name onto the app after the data has been loaded.

We believe that some cats are not good at wearing collars and tags and it could even be a burden at times. This is why we chose the camera to identify each cat so they don't need to wear a collar or tag to be identified.

Toletta is only available as a model with a camera. We appreciate your understanding. The camera makes it possible to notice an abnormal physical condition by taking a picture of your cat(s) in the litter box.


Toletta is available to be used in Japan right now.

Exchange, Return, Malfunction

A scoop is not included, so please prepare one by yourself.

Unfortunately, it is not available right now. We will announce that when we are ready.

Unfortunately, it cannot be replaced because Toletta is not officially launched in the U.S.

Maintenance and care

The camera unit and sensor plate cannot be washed with water so remove the camera from your Toletta unit before proceeding to wash it. After washing the other parts with water and returning it on the sensor plate, the litter box will need to take about 15 minutes to re-adjust and begin collecting data.

It's no problem to move Toletta if the sensor plate is horizontally placed against the floor.

If you cannot keep it horizontal, please remove the body from the sensor plate and move them otherwise the sensor plate might malfunction.

Camera, Video, Photo

There is an LED light above Toletta's camera so you can see your cat in the dark. The LED light is always on.

Yes, you can. The videos and photos are available to watch for 30 days. They will be automatically deleted. If there are any videos or photos you want to keep, please download them on your smartphone.

It is not possible to adjust the brightness or turn it off. The amount of light is set to recognize a cat's face even in the dark. Thank you for your understanding.

The videos and photos are available to watch for 30 days. They will be automatically deleted. If there are any videos or photos you want to keep, please download them on your smartphone.


We recommend using Toletta original litter. However, you can use pellet-type litter that is non-clumping / non-crumble / non-absorbing.

It cannot be used. You can use any commercially available litter for a system litter box (non-clumping / non-crumbling / non-absorbing). We do not recommend the small grain litter because they tend to get stuck in the slates of the grated tray.

Each bag of Toletta Sand last two months for one cat in Toletta. You pour half of a bag into your Toletta, but you can adjust the amount of litter according to your cat's preference. Replace with clean Toletta Sand once a month.

Cats are curious animals and have fun finding new things. Most cats will instinctively use Toletta when you introduce your cat to Toletta. However, some cats might need some time to get used to their new bathroom situation. To avoid accidents, use some tips! Introduce new Toletta litter slowly. Fill your old litter box with 20% Toletta Sand and add an 80% layer of the old litter to the top. Gradually increase the amount of Toletta sand. Once your cat feels comfortable with new litter, time to use Toletta for your cat. 

Toletta Sand is a non-absorbed cat litter. It is made of recycled pulp combined with a natural anti-odor repellent. It does not include fluorine or fluorine substitutes. Toletta Sand is eco-friendly and safe for cats and us.

Toletta Sand eliminates smells by unique formulation, which reduces 54% more urine odor than the average cat litter in our research.

Yes, Toletta sand is unscented.

Toletta Sand is a non-clumping and non-absorbing litter. This litter is only available for Toletta. All you need is to scoop feces and dispose of and replace all litter with new clean litter every month.

Stop using Toletta Sand. It is made of recycled paper combined with a natural anti-odor repellent, which is a natural product and safe for your cat. But ingesting Toletta Sand is not great for your cat. 

Replace with clean Toletta Sand once a month.

The pH of urine that came in contact with Toletta Sand can become slightly higher, meaning that it is more alkaline. There is not any problem with the health or safety of either your cat or yourself. However, if you take a urine sample to a veterinarian, please inform them of this issue as it may cause some alarm in urine testing. To collect urine, you can place plastic wrap on top of Toletta Sand, making sure you push it down tightly over the litter. Make sure your cat can not rip it. When your cat urinates, it will collect on the plastic wrap. You then can move the urine to the container. 

You can use any commercial product that fits in the urine tray 42 cm long × 29 cm wide (16.54 x 11.42 inches).

Each pad control odor and lasts for up to one week for one cat.

Toletta pads are unscented.