Tips for Transition to Toletta

Cats are inquisitive animals and have fun finding new things. Most cats will instinctively use Toletta when you introduce your cat to Toletta. However, some cats might need some time to get used to their new bathroom situation. To avoid accidents, use these steps!

1. Introduce the New Litter Slowly

Add the new litter in the current litter box gradually so that your cat gets used to the pellets.

Layer 1/5 of the new litter on the bottom and cover with 4/5 of the current litter.
Add more new litter (current : new = 1 : 1)
Add more new litter (current : new = 1 : 4)


2. Place Toletta Next to the Old Litter Box

    Once your cat feels comfortable with the new litter, place Toletta next to the old litter box. If there is no outlet nearby, place Toletta without turning it on.
    They might still need some time to use Toletta. Make Toletta much more appealing to your cat.


    • ・Put a toy in Toletta

    • Give treats in or around Toletta

    • Add some litter from the old box to Toletta

    •  (The smell sometimes leads a cat to use a new litter box) 

    3. Unplug Toletta

    If your cat still feels uncomfortable with Toletta, this may be because of the light. At first, you can unplug Toletta until your cat gets used to Toletta.


    4. Remove the Old One

      When you see your cat using Toletta several times, it is time to toss the old one! It might work out better than you think.
      If you need to move Toletta to a new place to plug in, move it gradually so that your cat can feel comfortable.


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