Toletta Start Guide

1. First 

You should already have your Toletta account. Find your email address and password you registered. 


2. Download Toletta App

    Download Toletta App through App Store or Google Play.


    3. Set Up Toletta

      3.1 Follow steps listed in the app

      Instructions include assembly, how to connect Wi-Fi, configure, and register your cats.

      3.2  Add litter

      Use the litter provided. Add about half of the bag.

      If you choose not to use provided litter, make sure litter is not the clumping, crumbling, or absorbing kind. Replace the litter once a month.

      3.3  Place a pad

      Use the pad provided. Replace the pad every 2 to 3 days per cat.

      3.4  Toletta would love to know your cat’s face and name

      Toletta needs to learn your cat’s face, especially at the beginning. For the first week, make sure you are telling Toletta your cat’s face and name every time your cat uses Toletta! You can do this by pushing the “Correct data” button. 


      4. How to Clean Toletta

        Toletta is designed to clean easily. The litter box can be cleaned like any other litter box. Before cleaning, remove the camera unit and sensor plate. These are not allowed to be washed with water. 


        5. Introduce Toletta to Your Cat(s)

          Most cats will instinctively adapt to Toletta. However, some cats might need some time to get used to their new bathroom situation. 

          If they do not use Toletta, place Toletta next to the current litter box and start with adding some pellets in the current litter box. Then, add more and more pellets gradually so that they get used to the new litter. You might sometimes switch the pellets in the current box and Toletta so that they understand it is a new litter box. Once they use Toletta several times, it is time to remove the old box!


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