Announcement of Product Discontinuance

Dear Valued Toletta User,

We would like to inform you that some of our products have been discontinued in our product distribution. Due to the current economic situation, international shipping prices have recently increased. It pains us to say it, but we have decided that our product distribution will be closing. We apologize for this inconvenience and greatly appreciate your support as always. We will let the U.S. users know if we have a chance to sell our products again in the future.

Discontinued products

Toletta Sand (Cat litter)
Toletta Sheet (Cat pads)


Last time buy conditions

Date for last order: May 25th, 2022 or when total inventory is consumed by orders. Any orders will not be accepted after this time.

We are having a 70% sale off all of our products until May 25th in our online store.

We also would like to inform you that you are able to use Toletta and Toletta app after this product discontinuance. Although we will stop providing Toletta litter and pads, we will still continue to support the U.S. users.


We will be glad to assist you if you need any other help or have questions. Please kindly contact our team:

We greatly appreciate your continuing support of us!


Toletta Cats of America Inc.