Cat Face Recognition System

If you have multiple cats, you might have multiple litter boxes at home. Your multiple cats use their multiple litter boxes...   It is very difficult to know their litter box habits. 

Toletta makes it much easier!

Toletta has a cat face recognition system. That is why Toletta can monitor each cat’s health without a collar even if you have multiple cats. There is no limitation on the number of cats you can add.

How does Toletta identify your cats’ faces?

Toletta takes pictures and videos when your cats enter Toletta, and the pictures are used to identify a cat. Toletta learns their facial features using the AI system. Toletta is the first cat litter box to have a cat face recognition system, and it is patented!

Because Toletta does not know your cats’ faces at first, you need to teach your cats’ names to Toletta. To do so, please click “Correct data” under each record in the app and choose the correct name. You might need to keep teaching the cat names for a week if you have multiple cats.

Some faces could be challenging for Toletta to distinguish because of their color patterns. However, the accuracy will become better if you continue teaching.


The face recognition system allows us to understand each cat’s urinary habit without a collar. Understanding their habits helps us take immediate action when the time comes.

Let Toletta do the monitoring for you!