A sharp increase in the number of entry was observed

From the data of Toletta, an abnormal number of admissions was found.There is a risk of illness such as cystitis(click here for illness commentary)and urolithiasis(click here for illness commentary). From the videos recorded in the Toletta app, the color of the pad, and the behavior in the house, please check for the following symptoms and consider visiting a veterinary clinic.

・Bloody urine
・Urinating or attempting urinate, more frequent than normal
・Straining to pass urine, crying out and being vocal
・Over Grooming around the urinary opening and lower abdomen
・Diarrhea or constipation

If you have any of the above symptoms, your cat may feel uncomfortable or in pain, so we recommend that you visit a vet clinic as soon as possible.

In the absence of the above symptoms, it is suspected that the number of admissions has temporarily increased due to the environment. Do you have any idea that the number of new Toletta has increased, the toilet has been cleaned or the litter has been replaced, a visitor or a new cat has arrived, or the smell or dirt of the toilet is a concern? To be on the safe side, please pay attention to the changes in your cat's physical condition and whether the abnormal number of times your cat enters Toletta will continue.