An increase in the number of entry was observed

From the data of Toletta, an abnormal number of admissions was found. Do you have any idea about adding new Toletta, cleaning Toletta or replacing the litter, having a visitor or a new cat, or worrying about the smell or dirt of the toilet ?

It is suspected that the number of entry times has temporarily increased due to the environment.

If you don't know the above and you feel a change in your cat's physical condition, or if you see a tendency for the number of times your cat enters Toletta to increase in the future, there is a possibility of trouble with pee or poop. Just in case, please check the video recorded in the Toletta app and the color of the pad for the following symptoms.

・Bloody urine
・Urinating or attempting urinate, more frequent than normal
・Urinating in unusual places, outside Toletta

If you have any of these symptoms or changes in your cat’s physical condition such as loss of appetite, we recommend that you visit a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.