Advanced cat health & care at home

Smart cat litter box helps protects cats against "kidney and urological disease"

What is Toletta?

Monitor your cat waste  everyday

Urine Volume
Urine Count
Visit Count

Toletta recognize your cat visit and calculate 6 health indicators. You can view the results in multiple different time graphs. You can also check their health indicators every day.

Monitoring and recording in toletta

Toletta can capture and record videos while you sleep and are out. You can check if elimination is associated with pain or discomfort. It is also available to download videos on a smartphone.

Cat facial recognition system

With multiple cats toletta can recognize which cat uses in toletta by our facial recognition system without any additional items. There is no limit to number of the cats.

*Our smart system can learn cat's individual profile. However, it takes time a bit by they success face recognization. *The light is always on in toletta for camera.

Analytic regular routine urine elimination

Regular urine is analized by our smart system. You can view trends in their weight, urine volume, and time.

Our smart system alerts

Toletta helps you know when your cat is something wrong by monitoring 6 health indicators. Toletta also let you know what symptom could be happened. It is very useful to tell the vet. We found the disease 97.5% of your cat when toletta alert you. This is a meaningful solution your cat can prevent "kidney and urological disease".

Calendar and Memo

Toletta has calender and memo to put your cat health on record. You can post pictures of your cat body and waste when your cat needs care.

calendar and memo

What does toletta need?

Install toletta is as simple and easy as you can do by yourself. You just simply connect toletta to power, Wi-Fi and smartphone. Toletta is about as the same size as commercial regular litter box. It is available for commercial cat litter and pads.

*Non-clumping / non-crumble / non-absorbing" litter. Toletta is washable.*except camera and the sensor plate.