FAQ for those who have already purchased Toletta

Register and login

Please check the following

・Please verify your email address that you input into the form is correct.
・Please verify that you are not entering the login information of stores
・Check the e-mail distribution settings, domain specified reception settings, block settings, and other reception settings.
・If you are using an e-mail address with your mobile phone carrier’s domain, please set it so that you can receive the @toletta.jp domain. (For details, please contact each carrier of the contract)
* When using hotmail address, there are cases that the registration notification email cannot be delivered even you set up to receive an Email from a designated domain. Please use another email address other than Hotmail.

If the above does not help, please contact us from here.

User registration is required to log in to the app. For user registration, access the user registration page from the QR code guide included in Toletta. (The User registration URL is not posted on the official website to avoid registration by those who have not purchased Toletta. If you have lost the QR code information, please contact us by Email using the inquiry form.)

If you have already registered as a member, please check if the following applies.
・Check your login information. it is different from the sales site (official website, Amazon, etc.) that you registered at the time of purchase.
・Confirm your registration from the email that you received after completing the registration form.
・The email address and password you entered are incorrect*

* If you have not confirmed the registration from the email you received after the procedure from the member registration form, register again.

To change your e-mail address, please contact us from the inquiry form. To change your address or phone number, please go to Settings → Account Information in the application menu.

Change your password from the app menu Settings → Account information

Follow the procedure from Forgot your password? on the app.


You can use a credit card or debit card for the payment of the monthly plan.

■Available Card




・フリーWi-Fi または ポケットWi-Fiを使っている
・Wi-Fiの認証方式が「WPA-PSK」「WPA/WPA2 mixed mode」「WEP(128/64bit)」である

Under the old Wi-Fi environment, please disconnect Toletta using the application setting menu → "Toilet management" → "Disconnect toilet". Next, under the new Wi-Fi environment, press the reset button * on the back of the light and Camera unit using a tip of a paper clip to initialize it. Then, re-set the connection from the application settings menu → "Toilet management" → "Additional toilet connection". * Click here for how to press the reset button.

When you use a large size photo, it may take a few seconds after you press Register with the above contents until the completion of registration is displayed. Also, it may take a few minutes before you can see your cat on the home screen.

To increase: Application setting menu → Toilet management → Add additional toilets
To reduce: Application setting menu → Toilet management → Disconnect toilet → Disconnect relevant toilet

When there are new notifications, a red mark will be added to the notification icon in the application menu. This mark is displayed for each smartphone. If family member A confirms the notice but member B does not, notification on B's smartphone will still have the red mark.

It is from 0:00 to 23:59. If the owner travels abroad and the time setting of the smartphone is changed, the time will change to 0:00 to 23:59 local time and the date and time from toletta will also be displayed in local time.








・センサープレートに異物や汚れがあるとき ※センサー部(四隅のくぼみ)もご確認ください

In rare cases, the urine volume may be displayed even if the cat is not urinating due to the behavior of the cat in Toletta. We will continue to collect data and strive to further improve Toletta. If such data is detected, please use Data Exclusion or Data Deletion instead of Data Correction in your App.If you are using small grain litter, switch to the litter that does not fall under the tray.

We have conducted many tests with an accuracy of urine volume measurement and released the product after we secured the accuracy in detecting changes of urine volume which is important to the health condition of cats. But in a rare case, Toletta may not be able to measure the urine volume because of the posture of the cat or a problem with the accuracy of the measurement. In the future, we will strive to improve the accuracy.

Especially in the following cases, the urine volume may not be measured.
・If the cat urinates and stool at the same time in a Toletta. When the cat urinates with its buttocks raised high.
・When the stationary time in Toletta is too short
・When there is dirt or foreign substance on the sensor plate (please check the sensor (dents at the four corners))
・When there is a problem with the placing conditions (on a rug, on an unstable floor, covering Toletta, in a cage, etc.)
・If the time between leaving and entering was short
・Whether it was immediately after the owner stirs the litter in Toletta

When the cat urine is hardly measured, please send us the detailed date and time of the measurement failure together with the corresponding data, using the inquiry form. If you use clumping litter, urine volume cannot be measured. When using Toletta, please use litter ("Non-clumping / non-crumbling / non-absorbing") that is compatible with the system.

Please check whether the following cases apply, in addition referring to the above QA.
・If the time between leaving and entering was short
・Whether it was immediately after the owner stirs the litter in toletta

We are sorry that in some cases toletta may not take videos or measure the urine volume. We will further study the data of cats behavior and keep on working to improve the measurement accuracy.

In the following situations, the data is not displayed in the app or the data cannot be measured accurately

・5 minutes after washing Toletta and putting it back on the sensor plate
・15 minutes after adding or replacing litter while keeping the Toletta body on the sensor plate
・When there is dirt or foreign substance on the sensor plate (please check the sensor (dents at the four corners))
・When Toletta is placed on a rug or on an unstable floor
・When the Toletta body is in contact with a wall
・When the cat weighs outside the range of 2.2-22 lbs
・When the whole body of the cat is not inside the Toletta
・When the cat's body is touching the house wall or ceiling
・When Wi-Fi condition is unstable
・Time-lag or heavy usage

In the following cases, Toletta will not be able to measure your cat’s weight correctly.

・When the cat’s stay in Toletta is too short
・When the cat's static time in Toletta is too short (it may look like the cat is static, but the system may not be judged as static)
・When the cat weighs outside the range of 2.2-22 lbs.
・When the whole body of the cat is not inside Toletta
・When the cat's body contacts the house wall or ceiling when in Toletta
・When Wi-Fi at home is unstable


Just add more litter. However, for about 15 minutes after adding litter, Toletta will not send the measuring data even in case a cat enters.

A cat may be in the blind spot of the camera. Place Toletta near a wall or surround Toletta to make it easier for the cat to enter through the entrance. However, if the Toletta touches the wall, weight measurement might be affected, so please place it so that it does not touch the wall.

Cat facial recognition system

If there is only one cat registered in the app, no matter how the appearance changes, identification will not be affected. However, if multiple cats are registered, identification may be affected, so it may be necessary for the owner to tell Toletta the name of each cat every time after the data is logged on the app. (You should be able to recognize each cat by the video on the App.)


The amount of light is necessary to recognize a cat's face.

Parts can be purchased individually. Please let us know the necessary parts using the inquiry form.

Please let us know the status of the problem using our inquiry form.

Maintenance and care

Remove the camera unit from Toletta. The camera unit and sensor plate cannot be washed with water. Toletta can be washed with water. However, after washing Toletta with water and returning it on the sensor plate, Toletta will not measure for about 15 minutes even in case your cat enters Toletta.

If the camera lens gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth. If you still cannot remove the dirt, moisten a soft cloth with water, wring it tightly, and then wipe gently. Common wet tissues often contain alcohol and are NOT recommended as they can peel off the lens coating.

Some movement will not affect the measurement unless Toletta’s sensor plate is held vertically or upside down against the floor.

For example, following movement won’t affect the functionality of Toletta;
・Moving Toletta from horizontal direction to vertical direction
・Since it is necessary to change the place a little and clean it, lift, and move the main body in a horizontal state

However, if you need to incline the body when pulling out Toletta from its location, there is a possibility that the measurement sensor will malfunction.

Press and hold the power switch for 1-2 seconds to turn off the power. After cleaning or moving, wait about 15 minutes before pressing the switch to turn it off or on because the power switch will be locked for about 15 minutes after cleaning or moving.

Press the power button * on the back of the light and camera unit to turn off the power, and then disconnect the AC adapter from the outlet. After moving to a new room, plug in the AC adapter. * See here for how to turn off the power.


こちらの記事にて、トイレ移行のコツを解説しておりますのでぜひご覧ください。さらに、弊社では、 ねこに詳しい看護師による「トイレ移行サポート」を実施しております。トイレの置き方や猫砂についてなど、親身にサポートさせていただきますので、よろしければこちらよりお問い合わせください。


例)現在1台を1頭で利用→トレッタを追加購入して、2台を1頭で利用 なども勿論OKです。