Auto Monitoring of 6 indicators

Cats have a variety of different illnesses, but the most common are urine-related. Due to the habits of cats, it is challenging to monitor a cat's litter box at home. But, by using Toletta, it is possible to monitor at home.

Toletta constantly checks the health of your cat by using six indicators. When your cat enters Toletta and eliminates, this data is automatically measured. The data is displayed as a concise graph or timeline on the app, so you can quickly notice any changes.

6 indicators include weight, urine volume, urine count, duration, entrance count, and time elapsed.

1. Weight

When did you last weigh your cat? Maybe when they went to the hospital or got trimmed? In fact, an estimated 60% of cats in the United States are obese or overweight. Yes, we like to spoil our cats, and the cats prefer to eat. Then, we overfeed a little bit. However, you should manage your cat's weight, and the easy way is to weigh your cat. With Toletta, your cat gets weighed every time they enter the litter box, so it's easy to manage your cat’s weight!


2. Urine volume

    Until now, it was practically impossible to measure the urine volume of cats at home. However, Toletta automatically calculates the daily urine volume by measuring the urine volume each time your cat enters Toletta.

    Increased urine output is called polyuria, one of the symptoms of kidney disease and hormonal diseases such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism, which cats are susceptible to. If your cat suffers from these, Toletta may be the first to detect the signs.


    3. Urine count

    Similarly, the number of urine is automatically measured by Toletta. Increased urinary frequency is called pollakiuria, one of the symptoms of kidney disease, urinary tract infection, and bladder stones. Even during the day at work, Toletta automatically counts the number of times your cat urinates, so you will not miss a change of health.


    4. Duration

      If your cat uses a regular litter box, you won't know how long your cat usually stays in the box. Toletta monitors the health of cats by measuring their duration. If your cat stays longer than usual, they may have illnesses such as urethral stones, idiopathic cystitis, or constipation.


      5. Entrance count

        With Toletta, not only urine count but also the number of visits to play and the number of visits to stool are totaled to monitor your cat's health. A high urine count could indicate the possibility of kidney disease, urinary tract infection, bladder stones. Trying to pee frequently but not urinating may be because your cat has a urinary block. This is usually a very serious problem which needs to be resolved quickly for the health of your cat. Still, a high entrance count is a sign of constipation and inflammatory bowel disease as well.


        6. Time elapsed

          Toletta can see how long it has been since your cat last entered the bathroom. By monitoring this, you will notice your cat has not been in the bathroom for a while. In addition, you can find out if your cat is sick or the litter box is not clean for your cat.



            With the Toletta app, you can easily monitor these six indicators on graphs and timelines to automatically scan your cat's health. Help to keep your cat healthy by watching for small changes in your cat's habits.

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